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Welcome to my archive!

My name is Lucy. I write fic and stuff. 

This is a home for my Glee fic. Expect every single story to be about Dave Karofsky in some form, and expect pretty much all of them to be slash. This journal is just an alternative for people who despite fanfiction.net, which is the only place I've archived my fic so far. 

Don't expect fancy graphics or whatever. This isn't anything serious, just a place to store stories. :-) 


Drabble: Irish

Title: Irish
Pairing: Irishofsky
Rating: PG

IrishCollapse )

Drabble: Justice Sequel

Title: Untitled 
Pairing: Irishofsky pre-slash
Rating: PG

This here’s an unofficial sequel to my let’s-all-hate-Dave-now fic, Justice. You guys suggested letting Irish bring some reason back to the world, and I live to serve you.

SequelCollapse )

Drabble: Don't Tell

Title: Don’t Tell
Pairing: None
Rating: PG

I seriously just wrote this in ten minutes, but…I wanted to do something in honor of the day. Goodbye, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell! Nobody’s going to miss your sorry ass!

Don't TellCollapse )

Fic: Monsters and Closets

Title: Monsters and Closets 
Pairing: None (some Klaine mentioned)
Rating: R
Warning: Self-harm, cutting, suicidal thoughts
Summary: Dave Karofsky just wants to feel like a human being for a while, not a monster.

Monsters and ClosetsCollapse )

Fic: Lima Losers

Title: Lima Losers
Pairing: Hudofsky
Rating: R
Summary: Finn is feeling uncertain about his future so he goes looking for an unbiased opinion. He finds a lot more.

Lima LosersCollapse )

Fic: One Week

Title: One Week
Pairing: Kurtofsky (some Klaine)
Rating: PG
Summary: Dave is a silent presence at the weekly PFLAG meetings at the Lima Central Library. At least until Kurt gives him a reason to speak up. 

One WeekCollapse )

Fic: Justice

Title: Justice
Pairing: None 
Rating: PG-13
Summary: FInn can be kind of slow sometimes, but he usually catches on eventually. 
Note: This fic is not meant to be reality. This is my version of what it would be like if the characters in Glee behave the way the Karofsky-haters seem to think that they should.

JusticeCollapse )

Fic: Mirror Image

Title: Mirror Image
Pairing: None yet (presumably Kurtofsky, maybe Blainofsky)
Rating: R for language
Summary: Dave Karofsky is fabulous - just ask him - but he's starting to bend under the constant mockery of the football team's homophobic bully of a kicker. AU, my version of Fancy!Dave and Jock!Kurt. WIP that may not go anywhere.

Mirror ImageCollapse )

Fic: Duets

Title: Duets
Pairing: Kurtofsky (some Klaine at the start)
Rating: PG
Summary: Senior year and all Kurt wants to do is sing with his boyfriend during Duets week. When Rachel cockblocks by stealing Blaine for her song, Kurt is left to make other arrangements. Those other arrangements lead to big changes.

DuetsCollapse )

Fic: Slight Imperfections

Title: Slight Imperfections
Pairing: Kurtofsky
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kurt is small everywhere, especially in one particular area. Dave is big everywhere. Kurt is too embarrassed to let Dave see him and almost drives him away because of it, but Dave manages to show Kurt that he has nothing to be embarrassed about. 

Slight ImperfectionsCollapse )